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  • How are you stopping fast fashion waste?
    We only order small quantities of the products we create. This means that while the cost of products is 50% higher for us, we can be committed to creating less wastage for our precious environment. We only sell quality, organic products that will stand the test of time and can be passed down to further children. By shopping with us, we can all commit to creating a happier future planet for our children and are doing our bit to combat fast fashion
  • What if I have two discount codes?
    That’s great! You are more than welcome to use both offers, but please note that you can only apply one discount/promotion per order. If you enter multiple discount codes, the last one entered will be applied and any prior codes entered will be disregarded. Please double check your order confirmation to make sure that the offer you wish to receive has been applied next to "discounts" in your order summary.
  • What if my items are damaged or incorrect?
    On the rare occasion you have received a damaged or incorrect item, contact our customer support team via the website with a photo of the damage, or the incorrectly shipped product, as well as your order number and we will get back to you.
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