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Our Story

Photo of the Noonie Earth owners and their son

Photo @steviesaraphotography

Noonie Earth was created by parents for parents.


Founded in 2021 by sisters Becky & Laura, I was initially one of the ‘for parents’. I bought my first sleep suit in preparation of the arrival of my little one in 2022. As soon as I felt the quality of the material I knew it would become a staple part of his wardrobe. It was only once I was deep in the newborn bubble that I realised just how incredible the design was; the two way zip was a game changer for nighttime (and frankly anytime) changes, the fold over scratch mits saved his face from his what seemed like endlessly growing nails, and they washed and dried again and again without ever compromising quality. Fast forward a few years and I’d bought Noonie sleep suits in every size, cape bibs to accompany our weaning journey, we had bamboo muslins spread all over the house and I’d gifted the products to my friends & their new arrivals. I loved the Noonie products.

And then arose the opportunity for me and my family to begin a bigger role than just purchasers of the products. In early 2024 we took over ownership of Noonie Earth and are now on a mission to share its product with more parents. Taking on ownership of a brand where you truly love and believe in the products and their unquestionable value is a real privilege. Thank you for joining us on this amazing journey, I really hope you love the products as much as we do!

Katie x

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