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Noonie - The face behind the brand.

Our mission is to provide households with ​options for
eco-friendly gifts for babies.
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The Noonie Way

Hi, my name is Rebecca, I am the founder of Noonie Earth, an organic & sustainable baby E-commerce shop. Starting my journey with Noonie came at an important time in my life. After battling cancer for over a year at 18, before the unexpected arrival of my first son, I have always wanted to ensure that I never missed a single moment of mother hood realising at a young age, just how fragile life can be. I have always tried to choose career pathways that can manoeuvre around my children with as little disruption to their lives as possible. Fast forward some years and my husband & I gained 3 more sons and life got busy. I owned a successful little eco friendly hair salon in Wiltshire that was doing very well up until covid. Covid tipped our lives upside down, my husband (a professional golfer) launched a new buisness after loosing his job in the pandemic (Cash Fore Clubs for any of our golfing dads) & after seeing its success this forced me to look at what I wanted from a career long term through a wider lens and I made the decision to try something new.

Now 2 years on since launching Noonie Earth, seeing our products stocked in shops across the world, recognised names such as Stacey Solomon, Binky & Hattie Bournes babies all having used Noonie Products and seeing everyones beautiful babies enjoying our range for their children, truly fills my heart with joy.

I believe in providing customers with high quality Eco-Friendly & Sustainable products that are packaged beautifully, making them the perfect gifts with a more personal touch. As Noonie Earth now manoeuvres its way into the wholesale world of buisness I can truly say I am grateful for every. single. order. Every one is noticed and appreciated in a way that highstreet shops cannot understand. 

My main line of communication is through instagram. Please send any photos of your little ones using our products, give some feedback or just drop a message to say Hi, I always love to hear from you. 

This range does not disappoint in quality or Brand design, and we hope to add you to our growing Noonie community.

Rebecca x

Welcome to the Noonie Earth family

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