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TOG ratings & what to wear guide

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

What should my baby wear to bed? How many times today have you asked yourself if your baby is too warm/too cold/just right?! I remember this was something I constantly worried about. Especially in the first few months of the boys being born. Jasper was born in January... I've never seen such a high heating bill. It is the eternal parenting question and one that a parent frets over several times a day (and night), especially for naps and sleeping. At Noonie we are aiming to take the guesswork out for you and are committed to providing you with resources to support you throughout your parenting journey.

We have composed a TOG-rated (with the help from ). This is a guide to help you to ensure your babies are kept at the correct temperature. Pair this guide with our organic breathable products, we aim to have your babies sleep peacefully and safely.

What is a TOG rating? A TOG is a unit of measurement for insulation and warmth of sleepwear and bedding. Put simply, the lower the TOG rating the lighter the fabric. The higher the rating, the more padded and insulated it is for warmth. TOG-rated fabrics are important as your baby cannot regulate their temperature like adults can. All Noonie Earth upcoming sleepwear is TOG rated and made with organic, breathable natural fibres to ensure your baby can maintain an even body temperature, resulting in a night of safe and comfortable sleep.

How to use the Noonie TOG guide?

Step One

Determine the temperature of the room your baby sleeps in using the thermometer strip (this can change over the course of the day and night). You can purchase these from Tommee Tippee

Step Two

Use the table above to match your room temperature with the appropriate TOG in the left column.

Step Three

Search our Noonie Grow 2 way zip organic sleep-suits to see the benefits of using these throughout the first year of your little ones life. Sign up to our mailing lists for our grow bag notifications and when they become available on the website.

Step Four

Follow the guide to layer the right undergarments (pyjama's and singlets/bodysuits etc) underneath.

TOG guide data gathered from

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