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Why choose Organic Materials for your baby & children?

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

When you think of Organic products, what words come to mind? Natural, Fresh, Wholesome, Sustainable, Honest, better quality? Honestly, we all know that organic is a better, softer, kinder way of producing products while protecting our planet to the best of our ability. However, before having babies, I'd never even given organic products a second thought. Mindlessly buying the lowest costing clothes and products I could find that looked the cutest and throwing it away without a second thought when it quickly faded or became thin.

But why change to organic clothing and products now? I mean the food we understand, right! Organic food tastes better, uses fewer nasties = better for our bodies and our children, all while usually supporting a local farmer or two, but clothing and products? How does that really help us or our ever-growing overpopulated planet?

The production of non-organic cotton releases enormous amounts of greenhouse gas into our atmosphere, about 220 million tonnes a year. So the damage caused to us and the environment by growing non-organic cotton is enormous and is a real threat to us and our planet.

Conventional cotton uses 2,700 liters of water to produce One single cotton shirt. There are tons of reasons why organic is better and why conventional cotton is the devil, but instead of going on about it, if this is something you interested in, click this link;

Instead, I'm going to focus on the positives of simply switching your mindset to be a little more eco-conscious, looking for that organic cotton label, or seeing if something is made from a sustainable material like natural rubber, silicone, or bamboo. Now, not everything we own or buy will always be 100%, and there will be times you purchase products for the cost. Organic usually means slightly more expensive, but it also means longer-lasting, more durable, and kinder to your skin and health. We believe at Noonie Earth that this is the way forward for our planet and the children we bring into this life. Our Children will inhabit the earth, so they say. So let's set the example right from the start. We didn't like salad growing up; yuck, hated the stuff! As adults now, we eat it because it's good for us, good for our bodies, and kind to our skin. Lead by example, and you set them up for life.

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